Our Ecosystem

Market Making

Liquidity and Volume

Maintain the Market Spread within the fee displacement of the current Market, whilst maintaining a fixed bid and ask.

  • Increases Liquidity
  • Decreases execution times

Quantitative Models


We provide quantitative volume on listed pairs across your exchange. Our combination engine automates the process of creating strategies utilising the previous 24 hours’ data, over 1500 data points.

Synthetic Arbitrage

Liquidity and Volume

We Market Make across Quote-Assets in an agnostic manner, detecting Crossed book situations.

Triangular Arbitrage

Liquidity, Volume & Toxic Trade Flow

Where an order cannot be executed due to lack of liquidity in the orderbook, we shift the order to larger liquidity pools where they can then be executed.

Data Collection &

  • Global Order Book Analysis
  • Sentiment Index
  • Automated data retrieval, formatting and delivery
  • Historic OB, Kline and Price Tick data

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