About us

Seaquake provides much-needed infrastructure to the Digital Asset Market

Seaquake is improving the digital asset class by providing institutional grade liquidity and stability, and trade execution solutions.

Seaquake has developed an institutional-grade trading and data processing engine to stabilize the fragmented infrastructure in the digital asset market, allowing for multiple lines of business from a central core engine:

  • Quantitative Models
  • Liquidity
  • Order Matching
  • Data Collection & Processing

Meet the team

Andrew Katz

Founder, CEO

  • 15+ years in Finance
  • Ex-UBS, Harvard M.Fin
  • Equity/FX/Futures > $2B traded

Dylan Knight

Founder, CTO

  • 7+ years in Tech Infrastructure
  • Cloud/AWS
  • HFT/OMS engine architect

Daniel Large

Partner, CIO

  • 5+ years in Tech Infrastructure,
    University of Manchester
  • CSM, Test Professional

Our Investors:

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