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Crypto Liquidity & Market Making

Seaquake solves the issue of unfulfilled orders on Cryptocurrency Exchanges through next generation Crypto Market Making and Liquidity Services

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Seaquake’s Current Service Line

Volume & Liquidity


Order Matching

Data Collection
& Processing

The digital asset
market is fragmented and unstable

  • Wide spreads prevent the organic flow of liquidity
  • A small portion of the Digital Asset offering holds
    the majority of Volume
  • Inefficient, high latency execution
  • Lack-luster data collection and analysis
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Seaquake Infrastructure Adds Liquidity through Efficiency

  • Prevent Toxic Trade Flow
  • Close down wide spreads
  • Increase Liquidity
  • Execute efficiently
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Taking Exchanges to
the Next Level

We utilise a variety of market-making methods including HFT with a mixture of order routing, synthetic arbitrage and traditional market making.

Our Partnered exchanges benefit from unified data from over 1500 datapoints across the Digital Asset Market.

Experience the future

Redefining the Future
of Digital Asset Markets

In the future, Seaquake will provide Institutions with a single point of access to liquidity pools, data and market analysis, facilitated by our partnered Exchanges.